Why is Atlanta so busy?

Hi, I know Atlanta is the busiest airport in the world. It was planes takeoff and landing litterly every five seconds. But Atlanta’s population is just 400,000. Why is Atlanta the busiest airport in the world? Is this a reason?


For starters it’s one of delta’s hub and a focus city for frontier and southwest


Atlanta metro area is over 5 million people, but not only that - it’s Delta’s largest hub and has flights going to and coming from pretty much anywhere in the world. Also “busiest” doesn’t mean it’s the largest or that they transport the most passengers - it just means they have the highest number of flights per hour.

Also if you think, ATL is the only large airport in the region. Think about the other large metro areas and you’ll realize they all (at least the ones I can think of) have several decent sized airports around.


Here’s a good article I found:


There is also a video!

Because it’s Deltas hub. And because Atlanta is an awesome city!


I live near ATL (about 30 miles north) and there isn’t a single moment where there isn’t a plane overhead. It’s pretty cool. This is when severe weather created ATC traffic to divert to other patterns. Watch it a bunch of times and it’s truly amazing

I found this amazing


Oh cool! .

Because There are Brods In Atlanta


Please don’t forget about the pandas

They acctually do have the largest amount of passengers per year🙂

Good to know! :) Thank you!

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What city do you live in? I live outside Atlanta as well

Because there are bunch of large companies and banks based out of Atlanta.

I’m in sandy springs.

I read your article and it said Atlanta is a huge visiting city

Ohhh, I’m in Marietta :)

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People dare forget about me??? lol… Anyway, busiest because it’t a major hub for a major airline! 'Nuff said…

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Guys, what is a delta hub?

its one of the biggest hubs for airlines in the world, ITS DELTAS SUPER HUB!!!, and many other international carriers fly there too! :)