Why is ATC telling me to taxi to this RWY?

This just happened on KMIA and also happened yesterday on KLAX - both times in expert server - why ATC tells me to taxi to a red RWY when there are plenty of other options with more favorable wind? Just trying to understand.



I would PM the controller if you know who it was. That’s the best way to get the info you’re looking for.


As @Flightfan84 says best to always try contact the controller via IFC. In my experience all ATC controllers have reasons for their madness…


Maybe he wanted to offer you a short taxi :)

Wind looks to be only 4kts. No problem for airliners.


It’s only 4 knots, not that bad. If it was more than 15, I would have a problem :)

Thank you for all the replies. Is there a rule of thumb for tail winds? When I am on ATC I never use the red RWYs, regardless of wind speed.

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There’s also the chance that the controller is already seeing updated weather information that pilots aren’t, and they’re starting a runway change.

Thank you for asking your question so politely! This is how we all learn. And I agree - if you’re able to tag the controller or at least know who it was then we can usually get an exact answer for you.



There could be a number of reasons. The winds could have shifted and there is a pattern being used. The light winds do not really warrant an entire pattern change. I would have waited for a larger gap to switch then.

Ive spawned in tower and use the red ones until I have a gap in traffic to switch.

It just depends on the situation and wind.


You are welcome - thank you for your prompt reply. ATC name was “IFATC hjo” - could not locate him here in the community - anyone know his username?

His name here is @hjo.


@hjo - would you mind looking at the topic and let us know the reasoning? Just trying to understand and learn a bit more :). Thank you in advance.

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As Jason stated very nice to have someone being polite and wanting to learn from their mistakes


I was once told that even though the runway is is “red” the winds could still be safe enough. You may be right though…