Why is Air India still popular?

Yes, Air India has many negative ratings which I agree with, but why is it so popular? It has the most flights from India to JFK and is even more expensive than American and United even though the airline has bad service. Why is it still popular, or flown a lot?

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The population of the rest of the world compared to India with a population of 1.4 Billion people in 2022 (estimated), shows that Air India needs to have a lot of flights to cater for the massive population of India. The high prices of Air India come from a limited flight capacity. Prices from India to the USA have been having a surge in demand, with people migrating, getting jobs, holidays and the list goes on. Also i forgot to mention the long way between India and the USA. So lots of fuel needs to be added to the aircraft, and the passengers will have to pay for it accordingly to the route.

Hope that helps, Rye. :)


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Check last post by Chris. Thanks!