Why is ABQ in a non active TFR

I’ve noticed that KABQ has been in a non-active TFR for a couple weeks now. Does anyone have any info on it?

It’s probably just a test TFR/NOTAM as said in the description if I recall correctly.

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I believe it’s until 2021 or something


You can just ignore it. There will be no repercussions as it’s just a test TFR (thanks @Asher).


Here, we stalk the wild regulars in their natu-

In all seriousness, I’m curious what this test might be for? Maybe they’ll start finding a way to better implement them in the game?

Granted, we shouldn’t be speculating anyways.


It was added when KLAX-KSFO were featured not too long ago. I believe it was a test for the the arrival waypoints that were later set up in preparation for the high volume of traffic.


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