Why Infinite Flight?

Just a quick one… why did everyone choose IF? I decided to use IF becuase of the endless amount of routes. Will be interesting to hear your opinions!


I use IF because it’s the one I’ve always known, then I tried the other sims and chose to stay on IF. In my opinion, IF is the most realistic choice, but some people don’t necessarily look for realism … it depends on each person


Even though I appreciate the interest in your fellow community members, the amount of threads you’ve made in a short amount of time is quite a lot. I wouldn’t say it’s spam but it can be experienced as. So if you have many questions to ask the community, try to do them in one thread instead of making a bunch of them!

To answer your question; I choose infinite flight because I can take it with me anywhere. I can sit in the bus and start a flight if I’d want to. Which brings so much more freedom (to me) than a PC simulator.

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I downloaded this app called Infinite flight and ever since, fell in love with it. Also cos it’s mobile so more portable than for example MFS.


Well I think Infinite Flight it’s the most realistic simulator for mobile platforms
Finally we will have 3D buildings
More liverys add
New texture for some planes
That’s it

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i choosen IF because in my oppinion its the most realitic on in the Mobil Sim section and i can’t afford an PC to run MSFS2020 or XPlane. thats why i choosen IF and will stay at IF


The community!

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The community, the almost limitless aircraft/livery combinations and (particularly with 21.1) the best looking flight sim on the App Store.


Simplicity and convince.

This simulator makes flying easy while teaching you how the plane interacts with the environment around it, such as wind. It also simulates how the plane interacts with YOU, by reacting to your flap, spoiler, weight, and throttle settings that you must calculate and predict.

It’s also on your phone, which makes it very convenient.


Because the aircraft textures are good

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Why not???

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My interest for aviation. I choose PRO because of global, multiplayer and the great choice of aircraft and liveries!

The real strengths of this sim are to do with the interface and how we interact with both aircraft and settings controls.

The ability to keep flying, navigate and communicate simultaneously is the true strength here. Flight planning, monitoring of flight path, and the ability to carry out approach procedures is key.

Also the flying interface is highly functional, not pretending to use tiny cockpit levers like other sims.

Yes there are compromises in the realism department, but the overall experience makes for a highly immersive re-creation of real world aviation!


I think for me was the fact it doesn’t require a degree in computer science and endless hours of research just to get it to a point where it works as you need it to.

You also don’t need to sell both kidneys to buy endless 3rd party packs to enhance your experience.

I’ve used MSFS before and I spent more time messing with the software and add ons than actually flying, not to mention the endless frustration of it crashing at times.

I got really into P3D, but it got to a point where repayments on a real world Cessna 172 started to sound like a cheaper alternative.

IF allows me to scratch my aviation itch while relaxing in the sofa, costing about as much as a Netflix subscription and has never crashed once.

I think I learned more about IT than I did aviation while using P3D, IF just gives me the freedom to learn.

Hundreds of aircraft and livery combinations, an entire world to explore, advanced ATC systems, and a thriving community, all accessible from the palm of my hand. How could I say no?

Because it’s affordable and has the best community of any flight sim out there. Did I forget to mention I’m not shelling out thousands of dollars for an i9 10900K and a RTX3090 just to run MSFS/XPlane?

I chose IF back in ‘14 I think and when that happened I was quite a flying noob. IF seemed simple and easy at the time so I downloaded it and started goofing around with it!

Because I disliked every other mobile sim. This one took things seriously and so did the people. Also dont have a good pc so cant run any pc flight sims.

Firstly, the only recreational app i have installed on my device besides social media is Infinite Flight since i began playing back in 2015 and only joined the community when I discovered it in 2019. I chose Infinite Flight because I love everything the simulator offers. From the wide variety of aircrafts and liveries, flying to and from any airport you can think of, the textures, graphics, updates, THE UPDATES😂, being portable and off course theee best community forums in any other simulator or game ive ever played in my life. This simulator also means alot to me and will always have a special place in my heart that no other game/sim/console/girl👀 (lol) will ever take because of my passion for aviation since this simulator literally makes me carry my passion😌🙌🏼🔥.


Why not , I have a ten thousand dollar sim in the house and it takes a lot of maintenance and money to keep it going . I have been with infinite since the early days and love the fact I can get some realism in my iPad with zero to none maintenance and the team are on top of their game when it comes to fixing things. Many of these big rigs are nice but like I said they take a lot of work, maintenance and money. Top notch kit here with infinite flight .