Why infinite flight open beta 21.1 is giving Problems

Well like 4hrs ago i departed LAX i was going to MIA with the B777-300ER american Airlines my Callsign was American 1268 Well when i was arriving to MIA i need like 29 min to arrive 2 min after or 5 the game Crashed I lost my Time doing that Flight what the hell Is going On the open Beta Please Infinite flight Staffs Developers Please fix that Thanks God I didnt did a 9+ hour flight bc if i did And that happens to me Like now I will lose All my time im really tired and Really mad Bc I was gonna finish that flight To MIA and i wanted to do a Night time flight

This open beta 21.1 Is giving Problems.

People report what ever happens Bc infinite flight NEEDS TO FIX THAT AND IM NOT HAPPY

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Iā€™d like to apologize for your dissatisfaction with the open beta; however, this is exactly what they are for. Beta programs are to find and test bugs in order to provide a flawless update when released to the general public. Beta is NOT an early release.

If you would like to continue on a more stable version of Infinite Flight, I would recommend heading to the App Store/Google Play Store and reinstall the 20.3 version of Infinite Flight.

If you wish to continue with the 21.1 Open Beta, please keep in mind that bugs, lags, crashes, etc. will occur. When they do, head over to the #open-beta category and report it.