Why IF sometimes treated as GAME instead of simulator

  1. Because many people are not caring others in online.

  2. Because the authorities does know this, but not processing with precautions (except making excuse that ATC playground is a TRAINING SERVER even we have free flight server)

  3. Because ATC command is currently really limited

  4. One last thing, aren’t the staff are forgetting about that this app is COSTS? Well, if you think about this for the individual, not that much. However, in total there are huge $$$ moving.

Please ignore about no.4 if you’re not genius on economics, or similar category. I feel we can’t do any about 3 and 4 unless huge amount of user join together ( not gonna happen ) But for no.1 it’s about us. (Not talking about you if you are honestly flying. / No mistakes no experience)

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Actually, it felt by all simulators on Appstore nor Google Play (All flight simulator on mobile devices). like Aerofly as an example. They called it as a “Game” instead of “Simulator”

I thought on the App Store, it’s Simulation?

Yup, but check it at the user comments
They would said “I love this game” instead “I love this simulator”

Yea but that isn’t what Apple said right? Apple still puts the “game” as a Simulation app

Yeah right. But if it’s FSX people won’t say game wouldn’t they? Not sure. I personally thought it’s about how well is the product. ( in terms of reality, etc)

Here is an example.

Look at the top left

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Funny how AeroFail isn’t featured here hahaha


So when my wife complains that I’m playing too much IF, I can respond with “but honey, it’s not a game, it’s a simulator…”


It used to be, but looks like recently changed. But the name of the app is ‘simulator’ from while ago.

Not productive.