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As some of you may know I’m a glider pilot. I went through my photo gallery and chose the best shots of this spring. Hope you enjoy. :)

Enjoying the sunset at 1.500m (yep, gliders use metric units in Germany) On the right hand side you can see the reflection of two lakes in the evening dawn.

Alarm was set for 0100Z (03:00am local time) that morning as sunrise was scheduled for 0230Z. Sadly some cirrus clouds blocked parts of the sun, but after some minutes they were gone. The air had absolutely zero movements and I had some (very silent) time in the sky to enjoy the street lights of my home city.

In this picture you can see a blast furnace from 1.800ft (it’s shot from a touring motor glider, that’s why ft). Really impressive to see the 1.500°C hot ion lightening up the sky.

Last but not least: Flying into the sun on my way back to the airfield. This picture was taken last week, you already see quite some bugs on the windshield, pretty annoying when taking photos.

If you have any questions about gliders/touring motor gliders or how to become a glider pilot feel free to PM me, I’m happy to help. :)

Please don’t use the images without permission. Thanks.


Love the photos!


Those pictures are stunning!

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If you don’t mind me asking, is it true that those glider aircraft have to be pulled at one point. I think it’s for takeoff

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Yep, that is true! A winch tows the plane up until it’s at around 400m (height depends on weather conditions). The first couple times it feels like a rollercoaster ride, but after some takeoffs you get used to it. The other takeoff option is an aircraft tow, in this case a motorized tow aircraft will fly ahead of you and take you to the desired altitude.


Amazing photos! But 0100Z 😱 that is dedication!

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Yeah, it takes some effort to get those sunrise views, but it’s worth it!

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Looks like fun. I just landed into MSP irl from LAX and I enjoyed the whole ride. I also love to fly so much!

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I think that’s what brings us together here. :)


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