Why I love the A330

I think the A330 is the perfect aircraft to fly if you want to do some smooth landings, or just to fly in general.

Why is it so perfect? It all comes down to the landing gear. The back gear is very high up for an aircraft, which helps the back gear be able to glide down the runway letting the nose be gently settled. The gear tilt also helps smooth the landing by making contact with the surface first so other parts can be deployed sooner. While it may be argued that planes like the 777 have more than one pair of rear gear as well, these are very short/stubby rear gear which allow a shorter time for the back to be let down. Also the fact there are 3 pairs on the 777 make it feel almost forced. Just look at these clips of A330 landings.


Is this RWA? But nice video, I kind of like the A330 for her beautiful design.


Not my video btw.

And no, this is just my reasoning why the A330 is great in IF. I just used a RWA video to justify it.


Oh well, sorry.

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Should be in real world aviation.

Why? There is a reason in post #2

It has to do with the real plane, not IF, so it belongs in real world

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Yeah, it should definitely be revamped but I think it’s still great despite being old.

I totally agree. The a330 is a great aircraft. It is beautiful inside(espically Hawaiian air)and has smooth landings. And that’s coming from a Boeing fan :) But that’s only in real life… In infinite flight, the flight physics aren’t that great so its hard to get a smooth landing every time. Other than that, it is a wonderful plane to fly.


I’ve watched this video so many to rain YT. The US Airway’s landing was the smoothest. That was the first time I’ve ever saw a US Airway’s a330, sadly I never saw one in person. And I live within 10 miles of their top 3 hub

I love the A330!

Also this!

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