Why I Love Long Beach (KLGB)

Hmmm…I think it’s time for some more iPad photos. Just kidding…

Anyways, let’s get to the point.


I took a trip up to Portland last weekend Hi Mattheus on jetBlue. Lucky for me, they fly out of Long Beach, a smaller airport a couple of miles south of LAX. Trust me, I hate LAX, even though I love spotting there. Long Beach is quite unique due to the fact that everyone boards via airstairs, which means you can get quite close to the planes. Also, there used to be an McDonnell Douglas factory at the airport. During this trip, I got some cool photos, and I have included 6 of the greatest iPad shots you will ever see. Just kidding…

Photo 1

I know that it is super blurry, but here’s the jetBlue Brooklyn Nets livery, which is one of jetBlue’s specials that I’ve never seen!

Photo 2

Bit blurry, since I didn’t want to hold up the boarding process, but here is the “Highrise” tail of N789JB, my ride to PDX.

Photo 3

IFC: Wait that’s the same photo!
Me: No it ain’t!
Well, the same exact plane took us home, so I figured I should get the same photo while deboarding!

Photos 4 & 5

Just some more great photos that can be taken when at Long Beach Airport…what else to say?

Photo 6 (Bonus)

Unrelated to LGB at all, but here’s a good wingview shot early in the morning…

What photo was your favorite?

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Thanks for viewing!

More iPad shots are on the way, trust me…


Man they have you exit with stairs?! So cool!

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Now those are great, on the tail photos, they don’t seem to look like real-camera photos, nice job! And I hope you enjoyed your flight.

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Wow! I didn’t know that LGB had stairs.


At both Burbank and Long Beach you board via airstairs.

Cool pictures too! I really like the one’s with the tail.

They have jetbridges.

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