Why I Haven't Gotten my Badge Yet?

Hello IFC!

On my profile, it says that I’ve visited 110 days. But I have yet to receive my badge for visiting 100 days. Is this a bug or am I missing something?


Maybe the 110 days are not consecutive ?


if they aren’t, is there a way to find your consecutive days?

I don’t know, you’ll have to take a look.

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You have to visit this community for 100 days straight to receive this badge, not just 100 days total.

But is there a way to find this?

No, there isn’t any similat feature at the moment.

Oh. Ok.

Not really. If you visit the community every day, check when you received the badge for visiting 10 straight days and then add 90 days onto that day to find out what day will be your 100th straight

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Given that you joined 118 days ago, I’m willing to be they aren’t all in a row…

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Ok. Thank you @KPIT, @Thomas_G, @Altaria55, @roostbrood, and @Brad

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