Why I haven't been flying lately

I’m just going to cut straight to the chase. I kinda feel guilty for all of the times I’ve been told “please follow instructions or be reported”.

I screw up too much. And I feel like I try all for nothing. I don’t even know what you guys even think of me. So I will do us all a favor. I’m going to stop flying until project metal comes out. Then, it might be able to speed up my phone. (The frames repeated itself enough as it is).

Then, I might be able to he quicker with instruction without dealing with lag. I will still be active here. Just not in infinite flight itself.


Hi @Winkie_Ciel_Skylar,

No worries at all. We are all here to learn. If it makes you feel any better, we don’t remember most of the times we give that message out, let alone who got it.

If you would like to pm a controller about your session, we’d love to help you and hear your feedback. Please don’t be afraid of us as we are customers like you.

If you need any help, please feel free to reach out to me and I will do my best to help you 😃


Ah don’t worry we all screw up sometimes. Humans learn Best by failure that’s why pilots use sims in the first place! Just keep trying and don’t give up anything is possible if you have the determination.

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You’re not doing us all a favour. If you got the „please follow instructions“ too often, you made some pilot errors. You can watch your replays to review the situation and inform yourself how to avoid them in future. Everyone makes mistakes. You can even spawn and only listen to the ATC communication to learn maybe something new. However, if you decided to take a break, that’s totally fine, hope to see you very soon again!

Hey why don’t you fly on training server until the meantime or even casual? There is hardly any ATC or if any on there? You don’t have to stop flying all together

When you receive that message take a screen shot of the ATC controller then continue with your flight then once you land watch the replay and then if u know your not in the wrong have a talk with one of the moderators and explain your situation

You’d be surprised how many people we send that command to. After your flight, you should PM your controller on IFC and ask for feedback. Otherwise you will not improve. Trust me, us IFATC would really appreciate it if pilots actually asked us how to improve rather than repeating their mistakes.