Why I have trust issues with expert

First off wonderful job by all the ATC in SanFran tonight. I trust that when I see a grade 4 with over 1000 flights that they know the guidelines. Tonight I was sadly reminded that this is not always the case. As I was sitting at SFO waiting to be cleared for push back a Grade 4 spawned next to me and proceeded to taxi without ground clearance. Yes you heard me right Taxi without ground clearance. Not only did he/she do a U-turn while going through a terminal, they also taxied all the way to the runway. I wasn’t on Tower frequency but after pushing back I saw them line up and wait behind another aircraft cleared for takeoff. I’m not sure if they were cleared for the line up and wait (if they were I have no problem because they were under the instruction of ATC). Now to be fair the user merely could have been sharing their device with someone else and the other person was being completely ignorant, but once again the behavior on expert has once again made me doubt the quality of the community on Live (when it comes to expert).


If the airport was really busy at the time, chances are the controller didn’t notice that a taxi clearance wasn’t granted. It’s hard to keep track of everyone when extremely busy. We rely on pilots. If everyone knew what they were doing, it would make our job so much easier than it is now. When a user does something like that, they blend in with the other aircraft and aren’t always obvious or noticeabale to the ATC. We try to always keep a part of our minds on the watch for inexperienced pilots, but sometimes we don’t catch them.


It’s very easy if it’s extreamly busy to miss the sort of things. Especially without approach, the majority of the time the controller will be prioritising traffic in the air. Hence why clearances can take a while on the ground.


Grade 5 pulling right in front of me when on short final… It wasnt on expert server but still I’d expect grade 5 pilot to follow ATC even on training server…
His device could uave been hijacked 😂


IF should do something on this, sometimes I’m confusing to choose whether need to follow ATC instruction or not, because I have been trolled many times.

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You always need to follow IFATC instructions. They know what’s best for you and where you should be. In the short run you may not nessarily see it but the controller has a spot in the traffic exactly for you!


Yes I know, but as I said, I have been trolled many times. IRL I ad crashed and die many times.

My respect for u lachy have gone above the clouds buddy,no matter what ,u have never fail to take out yr time to give feedback wch not many human will do ,u know what I mean buddy.


We really need A grond map so we van de this. until then this Will happen.
We try als much als possible to give the best servers but sometimes this things happend (sadly:(

The main thing is that the player did not pushback but just did a u-turn from the gate. That’s the biggest issue I had.

Problems, as I now can attest, grow when your ground suddenly becomes a thriving place for aircraft. With your airspace to work through and make sure proper separation is there, sequencing, pattern in st ructions, and landing or option clearances given, it can be hard to always be policing the craft on the ground.
So my words to you are, we as controllers do rely on you as pilots to be able to keep an eye on each other and on your own aircraft. The controller can’t do everything especially when it’s a busy airspace. I too have seen high level grades do bizarre things.
So please help the controllers by helping each other and make sure you wait for proper clear eye. It may feel like it’s not coming but we really do know you are there and we really have not forgotten about you.
Have a great day!


I do not trust atc now, I’m request radar vector to landing, and I 100% follow atc turn heading as requested, then they said I’m cleared to land, but it’s not align to the runway, it’s not accurate also, 2 times I announced missed approach and follow atc 2 times still not align to the runway for landing!

So for third times I just ignore center atc and resume my own navigation, and I contact tower only, then I landed nicely! And contact ground atc for taxi to parking then park nicely.

So I have lost trust atc now.

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Once established on the ILS you are suppose to be flying VFR.

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Yes, but problem is atc center keep asking me turn heading as requested, but if I didn’t follow, I’ll get this message, please follow instruction, was keep spammed by atc.

I hope in future we as pilot can ghost atc.

If you mean you have been cleared for an ILS approach then you will get an intercept of between 10-30 degrees of the runway heading. You won’t be given a straight in approach as you can’t intercept the localiser. There is a lot of info on this around the forum :)


Where did you learn that?

When a turn is asked, it is because they want you to turn…now…Not 30 seconds from the command. This could be why the please follow instruction command was issued. A 20-30 second delay puts you out of position and cause the ATC to overcompensate for you and could end up costing you a go-around and back to the end of the line. When you are tuned into approach you should be focusing on the screen and not relying on the audio to turn. (see Joe’s post about the delay with audio on busy frequencies)

ATC tries hard but cannot watch everything at the same time so people are going to do things without clearance. Once we see it we can warn/ghost. I urge pilots to take the time to hit the report button when necessary instead of taking screen shots and ranting about it online. Especially at non-controlled airports. These pilots are impacting YOUR flight experience and they need to learn when ATC is not there that they are still held accountable for their actions. I often see posts where four people are complaining about the same person causing them troubles. All it takes is for three of them to report and the user is gone.


Not VFR as the literal definition. I use VFR for referring to you are manually flying the aircraft on approach. There’s probably another term for approach but I don’t know it. If you know please PM me I’d love to learn

seen this too many times, can someone get me a new report button please? ive abused mine way too much the past couple weeks