Why I have been downgraded

OK I need to wait for one year, so what can I do in Training Server?

Fly & Control, like normal.


It’s one year from any of your violations, so one (or more) of your violation(s) may have already be in that rolling period.


To join IFATC, you have to be able to access the expert server, which you can’t, and you cannot have a L2 or 3 violation in the last 60 days.

If you’re referring to @USA_ATC’s ATC in Training program, you would have to ask him yourself.

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On I finally get it

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Also, you don’t have to wait one year.

If you got a violation 364 days ago you will have to wait one day.

If you got a violation 200 days ago you will have to wait 165 days

And so on

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Wait what do you mean? @tunamkol

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what I mean is:

The 1 year counts as 365 days:

You got 6 violations in the last 365 days.

As time passes, the 365 day period will move forwards:

Example: January 1, 2019 - January 1 2020 period will become January 2 2019 - January 2 2020.

So if we go from this example ^^^^

If you got a violation in Jan 1 2019, it will disappear in January 2 2020, as the 365 moves forward and the violation doesn’t not.

Well, it may not be a full year… when was your first report? You should be able to see how many says ago it was by clicking “violation history”

Let’s try and say this in a simpler fashion. Your oldest report will go away one year from the date it was received. On that date, you will have access to the expert server again (assuming you meet the other criteria still).

2 weeks ago

Are you talking about your first issued report or the most recent? If it was your first one, based on the reply above, you must wait 351 days (365 - 14 = 351) until you can access the Expert Server again.

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Your first report was 2 weeks ago?

Are you sure it was your FIRST report? Otherwise you would have to get 6 reports in 2 weeks which is quite a lot…

It is the last report

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Ok, when was your first report? You can see it by clicking the i in your stats page.

It is July,31

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Ok, well then you will have to wait till August 1 2021 till you can fly again on the expert server.

Can you actually send me a screenshot of your violations history please?

In order to confirm the date that you can get allowed back into Expert.