Why I hate the training server atc

Just did a flight to EGLL and the tower cleared me as number 4 for runway 27R when I was on the localizer, I thought nothing of it and continued to final then reported it to make sure I was clear, I got the go ahead to land on 27R then as I come within 1NM of the runway he clears an aircraft for takeoff, so I forced a go around and entered right base and as I got again 1NM within the runway he then cleared another aircraft for my runway. Ah well, I think expert server is just where I’m gonna have to stay 😂


Yes sir, if you want the best and most realistic service you can possibly recieve then stick to expert server, but please ensure you abide by the rules while flying at all times in any server ;)! The training server is where people train for the expert server, new users that dont know how to fly or new ATC that dont have much experience utilise the expert server to train, we cannot do anything about it!

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Only reason I go to TS is because there is always ATC around the globe, not just KLAX.

If there were other IFATC Members that could spread themselves out across the globe, that would be nice since there would be more people using the expert server.

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You can see where IFATC are controlling on the Expert Server every week by viewing the pinned topic.

They are worldwide and not always at KLAX.


In order to get a enjoyable and consistent ATC interaction you will need to either follow one of the other fine people that have a ATC tracking thread on #live:atc 😉 or follow the IFATC’s schedule.