Why I got reported

I think i can land 787 in WIBD,
Some guys reported me for doing nothing wrong, there was some IFAE members and I saw Yash mistry,
Can someone explain it please, I become grade 2 now,

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Please identify the controller and contact them, privately.

Have a read through this, it explains how to appeal a ghosting…

That being said, i think i would take it on the chin, as my TL3 collegues have said below…

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787 is too big to land there.

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787 wayyyy to big my friend

Unfortunately you will have to wait 7 days. Just because it allows you to land there doesn’t mean it is suitable to fly to that particular airport.

If it’s not allowed they should have blocked by FDS, If I click on airport from there I know I can land 787 there or not, I’d not allowed then it is written there "Current plane Restricted"
I can land there, this is permitted by FDS itself
Then why they reported me

I just said it doesn’t work like that. Only some airports have this so don’t rely on this. If you are flying on expert you might want to spend a bit of time checking the runway size and all that or watch other traffic flying there.

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I didn’t get ghosted by any controller, there was no controller in WIBD, I ghosted Bt some users

Don’t land a heavy on a Delta class airfield. Or would you land a 787 at EGLC and then complain if someone reported you?


Did you get a violation or were you ghosted? It seems it was a system violation. Show me your stats page

Moved to live accordingly.

Eglc itself shows that you cant land ther, there is a warning,
If I can’t land there there should be written that current plane restricted

Well that’s not how it works. This only applies to some airports and it would happens if you are in an A380 or something. Expert pilots should hopefully have a bit more knowledge and not rely on that

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There is, on the map.

Maybe it isn’t to-do with the plane - did you crash into someone or land on the wrong side of the runway or not use Unicom?

P.s lying will not help (not saying you will but people do)

Or you could just check runway lengths and the runway usage of a 787. It is the “expert” server anyway


I use proper unicom, I didn’t land on someone else, I land on correct runway ther were all line up on hold short, I didn’t do anything wrong,

Send a screenshot of your stats page so we can determine if it was a gist or violation