Why I don't play on advanced (Solved)

Managed to get it solved. Thanks for the help offered.


What is your call sign ?

What was your ground speed? If you are flying faster than 550kts under 40k feet. You get ghosted.

You don’t usually get ghosted for nothing, and definitely not twice.

I can guarantee that there was a reason for your ghosting. The advanced controllers know what they are doing at try to provide the best service possible.

I was going around 160-170 it was right after takeoff.

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If you feel you where ghosted unfairly follow this guide and contact a moderator, recruiter, or the controller involved.


About 10 min ago, airport was EGYE, I was on Unicom happened after takeoff.

Again, what’s your call sign?

I sure will, thank you.

my callsign is ACA1

Been playing for a year, first time that I’ve been ghosted was 2 weeks ago. I even have a screenshot of the rules to follow so I do everything correctly.

We will look into who ghosted you. Give me a little while to find out. // Superviser

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Currently, nobody is in the system with that callsign, so if you have changed it, please provide your current callsign. You have to help us if you want help.


MaxSez: I’ve got a couple of hours on this sim and I fly PG almost always. Advanced no longer offers a broad reginal selection, routinely mans at 25% or less and rarely offers a full ATC structure. PG has its downside but on the most part it has a broad reginal selection, a better ATC structure with all segments represents and pretty good controllers in training who try. Ghosting for some minor “violation” out of frustration has become evident and prevalent on the AS. I flew Advanced last night, it was a ghost town! One need not wounder way.

Follow the rules and you will NOT be ghosted.