Why I don't fly on the Training Server

So I decided to go on the Training Server and spot a little bit at LAX… this didn’t end well… but here’s a hilarious shot I took on that spotting session!

Server: Training


Yea this happens sometimes but. It’s tough because I have too much violations that I am stuck in the training server but I’ll be back on the expert server in March

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It’s hectic. I was once flying and on ATC one guy was spamming ‘Unable “XXX”’. This went on for like 10 minutes of him just saying Unable.


it is worst if you are ATC, I was trying to get enough points to be able to apply for expert server ATC but I gave up, it is also hard to get enough planes because no one flies to the airports according to where ATC’s are.

Same, I’m back at expert in October I think, sometimes I find it more peaceful, sometimes I go to lax or Heathrow, which I regret lol

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Join a group flight discord server, then u can be atc for them if they fly on teaining

Try controlling KLAX on the training server, it’s worse. I call the TS the casual server with ATC, and that’s exactly what it is.

Idk why but this made me laugh

What I do in these scenarios is wait for the idiot aircraft to fly through and get out of my hair or move to another busy-ish airport.

I guess you could use how bad TS is as motivation to become IFATC 😅

That’s the explanation, just as at LHR !

You should try again 🙂

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Man I can only imagine being ATC there lol. Just planes taking off without permission or not listening to instructions. I would be so annoyed if this happened and I couldn’t report them xD.

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The training server is certainly better than the casual server, but there are some cuckoos around. Yesterday In the training server, there was an a380 zooming around the airport ruining everybody’s roleplays!

Looks like a pretty average LAX spotting session on TS, haha. Nice shots.

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I ran some ATC today on TS and I was surprised, training server has improved, its insane, I was actually able to run a fun session on KSFO, people were listening to me. :)

I ran ATC at LAX, the people were listening to me but there was one person that went 250kt below 10,000ft right after departing the runway oof

do you have any by chance?

I’m a mod in one, go to pm and I can give u a link if u want