Why I cant purchase the planes?

Hey guys, so…I am new in infinite flight, and i want to buy some of the planes, also the live/multiplayer game mode. I had tried to restart my device a lot of times and the problem is still the same.

I had also tried to log out and then log in again in my account for few times, but problem still appear. It says “Error, something is not right, please try again later”.

If someone could help me, it will be well appreciated.

Thank you.

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Thank you for contacting support!

Our minimum device requirements was changed together with the Global release due to the rapidly evolving features of Infinite Flight which require greater device performance and specifications to smoothly operate. To ensure the best possible experience we recommend that a device has at least 1GB+ of internal device memory (RAM). Our mission will be to continually optimize performance, however the bar must be raised with future features in mind.

iOS Requirements:

  • 64 bit device
  • iOS 10 operating system or later
  • Click here to see full list of iOS devices supported at this time

Android Requirements:

  • Android 5.0 (Lollipop) operating system or later
  • Device must support OpenGL ES 3.0 (Check here.)

Note: Due to large variety of Android devices there is not a specific list of supported devices. Customers with devices that are not supported at this time will receive a message on the Google PlayStore when attempting to download the latest update for Infinite Flight to advise that the device in use is not supported.

We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

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Could you send us a screenshot of the error? It would help us determine whether you have the pre-Global version of Infinite Flight or not.


It’s not really necessary, since in-app purchasing of individual aircraft is not possible regardless of version :)

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You have to update infinite flight, that update is from god knows when, now we have global and cannot buy individual aircraft, everything is under Pro, maybe check PlayStore for updates

I do think @schyllberg & @Levet will agree with me

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Everything is in one subscription :)

This is how the airplane screen should look likeimage

Thank you so much for your help. I just don’t know why, my infinite flight app looks way different from yours. It was like that since the first time i download it.
Is the app that i am using is a hacked app? Because it says on the google play store “Infinite Flight LLC” and not “Flying Development Studio”

I just don’t understand, and everytime i want to purchase, an error always occur.

Oh well, i wish i can enjoy playing this app, but even though my app will be fixed or not, my parent is not gonna allow me to purchase anyway😕

Thank you for your help

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The reason you are receiving this error, is because you are running an older version of Infinite Flight. As to why you have the older version, and not a more recent one was mentioned by @Levet in the 1st post. Your device probably does not meet our minimum device requirements for our more recent versions of the app.

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You have downloaded an old version of Infinite Flight from before the Global Update. That pesumably means your device cannot support the Global Update

Edit: read @schyllberg’s post above :)

And about the update, where can I see something on google play store to see or confirm something about the update?

Because i have been looking at the Infinite Flight app on PlayStore and it doesnt say anything about an update or showing me some things that may need some update.

But, i purchase the Infinite Flight app directly from the PlayStore, and how can I get the Infinite Flight Global app like yours?

It says on the app that version 1.9 is available on the store, but when i check it on the PlayStore, it doesnt say anything about an update or new version.

Also, is MD-11 available on solo flight mode? Because mine doesnt have it, and i watch everyone on youtube has it.

Thank you

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As we said, your device cannot support the versions 17.01 through to 19.1!

The Md-11 came out after the Global Update (17.2) so you wont have it.

Thank you so much for all the help that you guys give to me, maybe its not my time yet to play and enjoy Infinite Flight, because i am running on Samsung Galaxy Tab A(6). Maybe when i get a new phone, i will play Infinite Flight and enjoy it,

Once again, Thank you so much

Good luck!


Check this out when looking for a good device to buy

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Thanks for the help everyone. @Tristansuper24 we hope to see you soon with a Pro Subscription enjoying the live servers with us!

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