Why I can't get reworked Icelandair B752?

This photo is my Icelandair B752

You will have to elaborate quite a bit here :)

Is it just that the preview image is inaccurate?

I would guess the previews would get regenerated for the old liveries a bit later, for now just ignore the old preview and enjoy the new plane. Looks like it is only the case for liveries which didn’t change their name with the update, so the only logical reason for that I can come up with is that if they were to update them before 20.2 version is deactivated it would display new previews on 20.2 for these liveries

No, I just updated to 20.3 few minutes ago

It’s just the picture, you can still enjoy flying the Reworked plane.

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Oh thanks 😁

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I think this topic can be closed. I will flag it :)