Why I cannot see my flight on LiveFlight?

On LiveFlight I am in the correct server practice. I see others flights but I do not see mine.

Anything I have to do on Infinity Flight to show my plane on LiveFlight? I had done my FPL, do have to cile my FPL somewhere to show my plane?

Thank you for the help.


I am flying from KCMH to KTPA in a 737-800. See if some one can see me.

This belongs in #thirdparty btw :)

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Sorry, I’m still learning this topics stuff ;)

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@Jorge_Gonzalez are you trying to see your flight on LiveFlight on the same device you’re flying on?

No Im flying in my Ipad and trying to see my fly in my iphone

Do you have any filters on in live flight?

Also, are you connected to the server on Infinite flight?

Is this you?

Yeah, no filter, and connect to training server

Never mind, I thought I was flying on training server, but it show on liveflight on casual server. So, I think I am flying on casual sever. Thanks for the help!

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You can pause the game and in the top right corner it says what server you’re in. I’ve watched myself on LiveFlight before, so unless you were in the wrong server, I don’t see how you would not be able to see yourself on a different device.

Yep that was me👍🏻

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