Why I cannot pay for the PRO?

I used Facebook account to log in.When I ready to pay the PRO service,it remind me that…

I don’t know why.It didn’t give me chance to flight with friend?haha

Hello there! Thanks for contacting support.
Can you provide more details like below?

  • Which device are you using?
  • Is your internet connection strong enough?
  • Which IF version are you using right now?

If you provide these details above, then we can help you more easier.

Please reread the post, that person is using the Facebook account to sign in. :)


How are you purchasing PRO?
Are you using a VPN? Some processing places will not authorize on VPN.
Did you download the app from the app store?
Do you have enough money to purchase pro?

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yes,I did the steps but…I still can’t get it.

1,I am using Xiaomi 8 UD now,which powered by Qualcomm845 and MIUI.
2,yes I have a strong connection and VPN.
3,The newest version from google store.

Thankyou for help!

If you can log in with your Google account, things will be simple, what is your QQ number, we chat with QQ

Have you tried buying without the VPN? It may work.