Why I can’t see landscape when I am setting up my flight plan?

When I setting up my flight plan the map only show in black and blue(or grey). I am new in rhe game, so, I noticed in some videos the landscape in the map(green,light green or yellow) I don’t if it’s something the you get when you flight online? (so far I only flown in solo mode) or is somethimg is wrong with my system? Thank for the help.

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The terrain map was removed with Global, if that is what you were asking.

In the global update the terrain map was removed. If you need a terrain map (and you have a second device) you can use Liveflight or Infinite Tracker as terrain maps. I use Infinite Tracker on my phone for low level navigation and it works well.

No, that’s the normal map in the moment.

If you would also prefer a new map with more detailed background (e.g. landscape) vote here: Accurate/Improved Map

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Thank you!

I trying to get the terrain because it happened that I am flight to a place it has mountaing and I did know that and I have to re adjust my plan because that.

So with that app I can type in name of the airport and will tell me the terrain around the airport?

Also, why they removed that from the game?

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Infinite Tracker (Android) and Liveflight (iOS) both do the same thing. They are basically like FlightRadar24 but for Infinite Flight. It shows you the locations of every aircraft online on each server. All you need to do is locate your aircraft and track it as you move across the map.

Hi! IFATC.org is a great source for finding terrain at any airport. Even though it’s mainly used for Approach controllers, you can still use the terrain maps for reference.

The terrain map was removed due to bug issues with the Global update. Rest assured. It will be back in the future, along with Airways :)

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