Why I always need to redownload everything?

Hi can anyone help me? I still have the same issue before I update my IF and before I can’t use the purchase airplanes without being connected to wifi. And now still same issue happened that i need to redownload all of the aircraft that I purchase. I already tried to reinstall the game and I already contacted Apple about this but the tell me to contact developer about that because that is an IAP.😞

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New updates to aircraft will make you have to download something

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I’m not really sure either. This happened to me yesterday. It’s possible the devs released some sort of server update for the aircraft.

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Yes same here. I had downloaded all aircraft last week when global came out and happily been using them. Now today it is showing everything needs to be downloaded again.


Alright i’ll try to redownload it again but honestly before i always exp that i cant use the aircraft without being connected to an internet, thanks my friend

Ok let mw try to redownload it again. Thanks

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Is there an update on everything which has come out in the last day? This will be very annoying if I have to redownload every aircraft once a week. Certainly not a storage issue for me, I have over 50gb of freee space on my iPad.

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all aircrafts where downloded to me and i just saw that i have to redownload all aircrafts again


I’ve had to redpwnload multiple aircraft over the past few days. Only happened with global.

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The devs can now push server-side aircraft updates so that’s likely what happened. It’s annoying, but it shouldn’t be that regular from now on.

So every single aircraft has had a server side update in the last few days??

They have been able to do this for quite a while now. However I have never seen every single aircraft requiring and update only days after just downloaded them all after an app update.

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I’m guessing so, it shouldn’t be that surprising - there were probably a ton of bugs that needed changing. I don’t see the issue however.

The devs just updated the aircraft it doesn’t charge you anymore after re downloading the aircraft

I don’t think anyone suggested they were concerned about being charged again.

The concern is whether this is a update to every aircraft (which hasn’t happened before like this), or possible some bug with global. Previous updates have involved a few aircraft which have been changed, not every single one.

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well when I re downloaded it the button said “update” not “download”

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Yes but it was a mistake on our end; we apologize for the inconvenience.


No problem. Thanks for confirming.