Why helicopters are cool!

Operation Mount Hope III was a Top secret operation to steal a Soviet built MI25 Hind, the helicopter crashed in Chad, Africa. The US Air Force loaded several MH47 chinooks with the 160th SOAR into C5s and flew the ships to Africa. The C5s landed and the chinooks flew 500 miles to capture the downed MI25. In total the Military was in Africa for less then 70 hours

Picture owned by the army


Wow, just amazing!

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That’s very impressive!!! That defiantly peaked my interest on Rotors lol

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Do do do do do di doooo. This is a cool declassified mission.

Lol I just learned about this mission

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Helicopters are pretty cool! Very nice

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Helicopters are not cool. They’re hideous. Yet some genius figured out how to make it fly. 😁


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Just remember, helicopter pilots actually have to fly, you have to press a button ;) #ShotsFired


No this was a military operation

Hmmm. Give me some time to respond to that. I need a witty response… 😎


Haha! I’ll be waiting!

If they invented the helicopter I wouldn’t be calling them a genius…

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Do you know the dates of this?

10 June 1988

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Sorry - which button was it?



Nahh, they’re just circuit breakers. Positioned there to make it look cool to the uninitiated!

Here’s a ‘proper’ cockpit in it’s natural operating environmet:

(not my piccy by the way. Credit’s on the image)

Always remember, the only reason helicopters get airborne is that they are so ugly the earth repels them! ;D


Now now… all forms of aircraft/rotor are beautiful and full of potential

#LetThereBePeace 😂😏

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