Why havent IF introduced the Airbus 350-900 yet?

The Airbus 350-900 is by far my favourite plane and has been flying for a while now but it hasnt been introduced into Infinite Flight Next. But why? It is such a stunning plane.

Is it because the developers dont want it in the game?
Is it because the liveries take ages to do?

If you may know why please tell me.


Well, the feature request for this plane is a hot mess, so that could be one reason…


A lot of things come before the A350. Devs have said that they wont add it until they have completed a lot of other things so it will be a while…
Have a search of the Community to see the feature request of this aircraft,


Because of this topic, you have delayed the A350.


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I’d recommend you to read the following post, as it provides some useful information that you may be interested in.


After the upcoming CRJ rework, Philippe (one of the developers) said that he wants to focus more on General Aviation aircraft and not bring out any commercial aircraft for the upcoming time. I am sure the a350 will be out at some point though.


Laura did say its pretty much the same as the 787 Dreamliner but by airbus, I would love to see This plane such a beauty


we still need reworks instead of GA aircraft I would love to see them focus more on reworks for all aircraft like the a330, 767, 757, 777 and 737 would be nice.


It’s actually a completely different aircraft the wings are entirely different the fuselage and everything


If this was to delay the A350 assuming if it is In there current plans. That would be a bit unfair on all other 350 fans? This guy is new to the forum I might add.

It’s like punishing a whole political movement because of the actions of a few.

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This mentality is precisely why the developers want to focus more on General Aviation.

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Well many belive we allready have enough aircraft.

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Because it’s a ripoff of the 787.

Or maybe FDS thinks we don’t want Commercial aircraft, who knows.

This topic will close soon, this topic is sensitive for devs :)

Just want to clarify the misunderstandings. The developers have never said that they will add General Aviation in the next update. Philippe only mentioned that they won’t be adding new airliners, but that doesn’t mean GA will come out on the next update. It could be a rework or a new GA but none knows at this point


Please refer to Sebastian’s comment below