Why have I not reached TL* yet?


I don’t know what topics to create.


Create topics that benefit the community, and have not already been created yet. An easy way to make sure your topic is not a duplicate is to use the search bar located in the top right of the page.

Keep reading, liking, posting, and contributing, and before you know it you will be at TL2! 🙂


Who mentioned anything about creating topics? Read it again. You’re misunderstanding something.


Posting productive posts…


Well, after being banned, I stopped flagging, instead I told some users not to use ‘(filler)’.


Productive is the key word here.
If you keep contributing to the community in a positive manner, that is to help others, giving solutions and posting constructive posts, then you’ll reach a higher TL.


Read what Seb is trying to get at. It highlights all you need to know regarding trust levels and contributing.

Productive posts are ones that help, entertain, and engage civil conversation. The more of those posts you create, the more benefits you’ll come to see.


Well, I might not be regular (TL3). Read my own post I replied to.


@PilotCool We have read all posts of yours in this topic. You need to try and comprehend what we are trying to tell you. Trust us, we’re here to help, but there are several things you need to understand.

Regulars are members of this community who visit the community everyday and help others, while setting a positive impact on the community.


I understand that now, more?


Seb, JR, and I have covered all inquiries you have. If you have any others let us know. For now, set your mind on learning the fundamentals of this community and how you can contribute.

Cannot post in #features

I kinda think you’re answering your own question of why you aren’t TL2…

If you cannot read a basic post properly I don’t think you should be a TL2 myself.

Be a mature and helpful community member and you’ll climb the ranks someday

If you have any question dm me, I don’t want to see this thread clogged up


How to quote a post from one topic to another? I am trying to quote a post from another topic to here.


Mr @PilotCool

What they are trying to say is that you can’t become a regular by looking and following the stats. You have to contribute and make topics and replies that benefit the community. I’ve seen some people who where new and by contributing and being productive they became regulars.

Just learn how to create good topics with something that people can conversate about, entertain, or help others. That goes with replies also. Also like and read others posts.

I was in a similar predicament with not posting good topics.


You just highlight the part of a post you want to quote.


I tried to, but did not work.


Not TL3, Trust Level 2.

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