Why have I not reached TL* yet?


Insects*. We or Scientists haven’t researched his beard yet.

How to check which trust level you are in

@schyllberg… MaxSez: Interesting. What’s the due process procedure, if any?


Hard to give specifics.
There can be a wide variety of reasons.


@schyllberg. MaxSez: Thank you for the Political Correct response… I like a mystery…. Regards


Thanks for posting this. I’ve seen a increase in topics regarding this issue so this was needed.


Just really curious so who or what determines when I hit the next trust level?


Well, the ability to read the first post would probably help you out a bit 🙄


Interesting Have you seen my recent post? (Much improved)


Your recent what? Not a mind reader here you know.


I don’t know why but Ginger Santa made me laugh so hard…
But seriously, this is a much needed topic and great to link back to if anyone posts about their TL. Thank you :)


Who is Ginger santa… Never heard that before and I am hoping never again lol. Anyways, This topic should clear up all misconceptions on certain topics about TL! Thank you Schyllberg :) Merry Christmas


Ginger Santa is @schyllberg


Great info for a new user!


I didn’t even know there were other trust levels…


To be honest, I won’t be surprised if some TL1 creates a new topic about how to reach TL2! :)

NAS Oceana Airshow Event

Cheers for this! People need to know this.


I have passed all the requirements for TL2 but not reached it.


I guess you should read the first post of this topic you just posted in then…


I tried looking, I don’t understand


Here. Our requirements are not the same as the one Discourse have as a default.