Why have I not reach trust level (X)?

Why have I not reach trust level (X)?

Trust Levels are our way of staggering the access users have to this forum’s features. We do this so people can have a chance to learn the rules, so they can have the ability to progress over time, and to protect this forum from spam.

For more information on trust levels and what they are, Discourse (the host of this forum) provides a useful guide. Please be aware our requirements have changed to those in this blog:

The following reasons are the most common for not being the trust level you may think you should be:

Requirements Are Different to Discourse Defaults

The Discourse trust level requirements are different from those we have on here. Our requirements are generally higher due to a more active forum, and we want to make sure people are inputting over time before being promoted. You will not meet our trust level requirements if you meet the Discourse ones for most grades.

Promotion Lag

When meeting the requirements for a trust level, you may not be promoted immediately. The forum only updates a certain number of times a day, so you will have a period where your trust level will not match what it should be. This should only last up to a maximum of a day.

Manual Promotion to TL3

We have manual promotion to TL3. This is to ensure users meet the following before being promoted:

  • A diverse engagement in many topics and categories
  • A welcoming tone of voice at all times
  • A level of maturity that can be relied upon by the moderators
  • The ability to adapt and change with new rules
  • Are actively helping new members out behind the scenes

Manual promotion has the following advantage for all users:

  • The ability to be promoted to TL3 quicker if suitable
  • The chance to show moderators your suitability for TL3 in more ways than the number of comments and topics overall
  • The potential to have a higher chance of staying TL3 once promoted due to being hand-picked by a moderator

Your Trust Level is Locked

On occasion, moderators and staff may lock trust levels to Tl0/1. This is rare, however, is used. Moderators and staff will make you aware when this happens.

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A new, updated topic. This was needed after the TL3 update! Nice topic!


Well needed topic :) Thxmisha ✌


Thank you! Hopefully this will help those that are still a bit confused on where their TL stands.


Thanks for making this topic, you won’t believe how many topics I have seen of people asking this question.


This was very needed, I have seen 2 or 4 topics just today. Thanks so much @MishaCamp!


Great topic Misha! Clears up all the confusion.

Cheers :)


Enjoying the change and the new topic, great work! 👍🏼


This is needed! Thanks Misha!!


The manual promotion to TL3 is honestly amazing. A true step in the right direction!


Nice to see that it’s updated


Thank you Misha! This will be a great reference for new users to learn the ropes in the future!


A much needed topic especially since the surge of posts asking this same + the recent upgrade of requirements to TL3. Thanks Misha!


Definitely much needed, the old topic has been linked 300 over times 😳


I’m wondering what I have not done to become TL2. I think I have done everything but if I have not please tell me.


I know that you’re close based off of the stats in your profile. So make a few more quality posts, and you’ll be there.


Thanks man I hope I get there soon.


Many other things are included in Trust Levels that aren’t shown obvious in the profile. Everything from how much you are in the community, contributing around different parts of the forum, and if you have pinker socks that Misha is all part of the requirements. The set requirements, none of us know. I’ve heard it has to be 13 shades brighter.


Ummm, I might not have that 😬

I’ll be getting demoted soon 🤪

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