Why have I been reported?

Please check your log book and contact the one who ghosted you via PM.

That would probably a mod or someone who has permision to do that

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Who was the controller?

I was also about to go around because there was a TBM on the runway landing in the wrong direction.

There was no controller

Go to your logbook and contact the controller via PM.

Reported by multiple people is a mod I believe.

Hhhmmmm well the mod obviously doesn’t know what he’s doing then which I can’t imagine.

It was most likely me.

Aspen is a special case. You land 15 depart 33.

That’s what all those traffic advisories were.

If you were the SOFIA…


Nope I was a 757 but I didn’t no that you had to land 33

You dont land 33 you takeoff 33.

You may have noticed the mountains in the way of 33.

If it is “reported by multiple people”, you were reported by a mod. Take it up with them via DM.

Sory I meant land.

Oh then it was my fault. I didn’t know you had to land on n 15

That is kinda a requirement for every aircraft landing at KASE Aspen…

Like I said there was no controller at the time so. I saw all the planes holding on 33 so I thought I would have to land there

KASE has specific procedures. You depart from runway 33 and land on runway 15. You were reported because you most likely did not follow the ATIS which mentions this.

Like I said there was no ATC which means no ATIS

But I sent you 5 or more traffic advisories

When you say “inbound 33” and instantly hear “using 15” every time…

I mean I don’t think you did. I’ll check the replay now.