Why has this topic not been closed as yet?

This topic, the guess the airplane and airline topic for april hasnt been closed and a new one has not been made for may. why is this?

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It’s been said that it’s coming and it’s hard to organize… I always see some people spamming this in the Gametime thread. Why? Why can’t we just be happy that we have the Guess The airline and Aircraft open for a little more?

I have personally seen a regular respond to your exact question the Gametime thread…


The question is: Why should it be?

People like it, and it’s almost auto closing for 10000 replies. Let these people have a few more days of fun before it autocloses.

Just for clarification: There is a new thread currently in the works, and we apologize for the delay on having it released.

However I think we may just let the current one run to 10k: It’s been incredibly popular, and people seem to be enjoying it. Just continue to enjoy it as everyone else does. The world won’t end if it stays open for a little longer…

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Was just asking because usually it isn’t open this long. and no I’m not taking away anyone’s fun and i am happy that its still open.

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Thanks for better clarification! this can be closed

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