Why has the ATC voice changed?

Just logged on for and the atc voice just changed to a different fast female American accented voice. Not sure if as I am based in China I use a vpn and this has caused it. Really annoying. Don’t like the voice.

Hi! What device and OS are you using? :)

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Ask apple or google.

I know that Android users have the ability to change their ATC voice , on IOS i have tried however with no success.

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Android. S7 edge

Ah. I solved it. Back to a British accent. The American accent would of sent me insane.

Well that was easy. I’m glad you got it fixed.

Mark your post as the solution, then. :)




I think it is because some people struggled to understand it and also when they added the c-130 the coding changed with the server for the animations which meant they had to rework the voice

Why answer when a solution is given, when that answer you’re giving is wrong?

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