Why Haiti airport not 3D yet

I’m wondering why Cap Haiti airport doesn’t have some features. The some carriers go here such jetblue and sprit airlines

Do you mind explaining further what you mean?

Such buildings, ground services and etc

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Do you mean the actual airport IRL? Or why it is not 3D in IF?

Yes why it’s not 3d

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Well the airport editors are volunteers so we are not told which airports to do and which ones not to do, so it is our choice to do specific airports. Just know that the airport is in one of 3 stages, Ready for Release (which means in a future update, not necessarily the next one), Work in Progress, or Not Started. We do not take requests unless specified otherwise. So you will just have to patiently wait for this one. If you would like to see this in 3D I suggest you apply to be an editor yourself and see what you can do with it! Please find the link of the application below!


Some editor(s) will most likely get to it in the future. They are all volunteers and choose what they want to do.

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Unfortunately, we haven’t had anyone work on that specific airport. While the goal is to make every airport 3D, the airport editing team is volunteers that choose the airport they want to make 3D.

The team is always working, however, quality is our top priority & it takes time.

As others have said, you can join the team if you feel you want to contribute in building an airport: