Why ghosting happens....

In an effort to help pilots understand why ghosting occurs on the ADV Server, we’ll be posting various screen shots submitted by controllers of situations where a ghosting has occurred.

We hope everyone can learn from these and help us improve the over quality of the advanced Server. As always, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or need clarification on anything you see below.

Here you can see the pilot was told to enter left downwind behind the traffic on final. It’s obvious from this screen shot the pilot had no intention of following the sequence, or didn’t understand it.

The controller tried to get the pilot to extend downwind which would have put him in the correction position, behind the traffic on final. However, he did not turn.

Lastly, the controller issued a Please follow Instructions command. After this command was also ignored, the controller ghosted this user. If not, the pilot already on final, who had been following instructions would be unfairly sent around.

Reporting by ATC helps ensure a positive experience for all users. It’s not something we enjoy or look forward to doing!


There is a clearly established traffic pattern for RWY 27. Just because you have a flight plan going to runway 09, doesn’t mean you that’s the runway ATC is using. If ATC is present, your flight plan is null and void. ATC will do their best to accommodate all requests, however it’s not always possible.

its always a good idea to take a look at your destination airport before filing your flight plan to see which runways at being used and how traffic is approach the airfield. If there isn’t ATC present when you begin your flight, keep in mind that could change at any minute and you’ll b expected to adapt on the fly (pun intended).

When instructed to taxi to the runway, you ALWAYS HOLD SHORT of the specific runway until cleared to LUAW or Takeoff by tower. Never enter the runway without permission.

ALWAYS double check to make sure you’re lined up with the correct runway. Or, if using APPR, make sure the correct runway is locked in.

Tower has announced NO PATTERN WORK. This means you need to depart the airspace. When pattern work isn’t allowed, you must request take off departing xx. This pilot was ghosted for continuing to request pattern work cause traffic to back up.


great idea!


I was on advanced earlier it was a tragic playground, oh wait there already is one it’s called the playground server. It’s a shame when there aren’t any controllers pilots don’t follow rules there were three planes taking off at once and one was a grade 4. In all honesty though when there was a ground controller the controller allowed everyone to pushback so there were 4 planes pushing back into me 😔

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@Joe maybe this can help with the mess that’s been going on Advanced lately


Very nice, some very clear scenarios :)

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Maybe instead of a ghost automatically happening if someone were to ghost someone there could be a box with reasons why you chose to ghost someone and then if one of the reason shows you can execute it. Now i still dont like ghosting because its dumb and unrealistic but it can be a suggestion so that controllers dont abuse it

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What’s also unrealistic is pilots not following instructions.

Controllers do not abuse this and are very aware of the consequences of doing so.


Advanced server controllers can’t abuse the ghosting feature. If you don’t know why you were ghosted PM Tyler or the controller. They allways (should) take screenshots when they ghost someone. Also, your idea would take too long for the controller to do.


Believe me, the abuse of ghosting is not tolerated on the ADV server. We have and will continue to suspend AND remove any controller found to be abusing the ghost function.


Yes, but what happens if the player doesn’t know, for example, extend upwind? What should the pilot do?

@PlanesForLife A pilot should be familiar with all possible ATC commands before flying on the advanced server, hence the description ‘Reserved for serious players only.’


I would encourage you to go to the playground, sit, and go through both the ground and tower command list and write down anything you’re unfamiliar with. This forum has a wide variety of topics and members that will help you understand almost every command you could potentially receive while flying.

If you’re issued a command while flying that you don’t understand and are ghosted, be sure to get the name of the controller so you can contact them via DM and ask for an explanation. If you forget who the controller is, don’t get a response, or have a issue with the reasoning after it’s been explained, contact a recruiter or ATC Moderator for assistance.

Don’t be afraid to ask; we’re here to help!


Yeah, I was just saying for people who didn’t know … I just PMd @CJ12, and he was kind enough to help me!

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I agree with everything but this isn’t very clear. If you have a long flight plan (>150mi) you’ll probably be fine following a large amount of your flight plan other then deviating for traffic. When you are in approach territory, you’ll likely be vectored to the appropriate runway as required which may be different than your flight plan.

That is… until we get clearance delivery and STARs.


Yes, and that’s exactly what I mean. For 100 of the 150 mile flight, you’ll probably be left alone. However, when approaching a busy airport, you will probably be vectored off your flight plan. I just want Pilots to understand this is typical and not a situation where unable or self-navigating is appropriate.


This is awesome! Clear cut explanations! Great work Joe


Thank you all for the positive feedback with this post. I hope it helps! Be sure to check back often as I will be adding mor screen shots as controllers send them to me.


How do we check to see how much experience we have on ATC for eventual ATC Exam?

Ask a mod I guess 😂