Why ghost me because of a glitch?

I was recently reported by @MannyG after successfully landing today at Tokyo international airport. My WiFi signal was dipping in and out when I was taxing to the terminal causing me to go onto the grass. Any chance that this can be removed?

Hey, please PM @MannyG. He will work it out with you.

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Also this belongs in #live as it has nothing wrong with the app, if you have dodgy Wi-Fi dont fly into busy airports

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If you have connection issues, change your Callsign to NORDO (I think) It tells the controller you have Connection Issues

Iā€™m pretty sure NORDO is for radio issues, not for scenery issues (which I believe is what the OP is describing).

If you are having issues with the scenery loading, or seeing taxi lines/grass, I would recommend ending the flight.

The pilot has been directed to the controller. Manny has been notified, because he was tagged.

If you are not the controller or pilot, please do not comment on this post. The controller is the only one who can provide clarity.