Why GE90 Engine Startup Too Short?

After I watch Infinite Flight gameplay with B777, I just realize that GE90 startup duration way too short which takes about 50 seconds. While in real life, GE90 startup takes about 1m 10sec till engine fully funtional.

Yes, I made real stopwatch calculation (above) with Infinite Flight & real life. I can’t enjoy actual full engine startup which makes me unsatisfied, unrealistic and too short. 😐

Infinite Flight - - YouTube
Real Life - GE90-115B MAX THRUST TEST - YouTube

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This does not belong in #support

I watched both of the videos you attached, and to me there was no major difference on when the engines started. In my opinion they were both around 1 minute, give or take a few seconds. I don’t think this is an issue as they are very similar.

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Jup, I see it aswell. Weird! On the other hand, I wouldn’t like it if people are even longer on the ramp to start up the engines as a controller xd.

I’ll let you on a little secret - the APU startup is also too quick. On real B777s, APU starts delivering electrical power 2 minutes after being started whereas the APU in Infinite Flight starts up much quicker. The timings for system starts in Infinite Flight are quicker to ‘speed things up a little’. I don’t think many people want to wait 2 minutes for a virtual APU to start, especially on a mobile device. I think most people would prefer a 2 minute 20 second shorter start than increase ‘realism’ by a marginal amount.

I’m not sure about engine startup, but I assume it’s the same reason. A good thing about a simulator is that we don’t need to wait for ages for these virtual systems to start. If it bothers you, you can simulate the waiting times by waiting the extra 20 seconds for engine startup.

I know this perhaps isn’t the answer you were looking for, but that’s how things are for now.


I put it here in case if they will make improvement or not that’s all

I like realistic thing so it feels bother me, no offense. I can do other thing while waiting it fully funtional 😌

the sounds and start times are universal, I believe.

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