Why FrenchBlue Was Renamed


The Background

FrenchBee, the sister airline of Air Caraïbes, is a low-cost, long-haul French airline based at Paris Orly Airport. As it is leisure-based, it operates flights to (mainly French) destinations around the world, including Papeete’s Faa’a International Airport and Réunion’s Roland Garros Airport. The airline utilizes a fleet of Airbus A350-900s and has a handful of -1000s on order. Previously, it operated a single A330-300, which was transferred to Air Caraïbes when they received their first A350.

The Name Change

From its creation in 2016 until late 2017, French Bee was known as French Blue. However, when it applied for a Foreign Air Carrier Permit from the US Department of Transportation to begin flights to San Fransisco, JetBlue raised objections with their name, claiming the two titles were very similar and would cause confusion. Their protests were based on the potential of customer belief that there was a link between the two airlines and FrenchBlue’s intention to fly into the United States, where JetBlue is based. To avoid a “costly and extensive” lawsuit, the airline became “French” until late January, 2018, when it was revealed that the new title the airline had chosen was French Bee.

The Transformation

French Blue A350-900

French A350-900

FrenchBee A350-900


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French is a great name for an airline, very descriptive


I’ll do some more research and see if you’re correct.

Disregard my previous post, I read the title wrong.

French Blue…JetBlue

Makes sense

Now if they can add Orly to San Jose, that would be great

They don’t have many aircraft though, and they’re already using them for flights to Papeete, San Francisco, Reunion, and soon, New York. It’s unlikely, as they’re targeting really popular tourist destinations as well as flights to French colonies, and San Jose is more of a business city, and not a really big tourist destination.

Anyways, I’ve seen the FrenchBee A350 at San Francisco many times! It flies in from Orly and continues onto Papeete, so it’s a really cool fifth-freedom route!

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No, get rid of Orly to San Francisco and move it to San Jose XD

Can’t wait to see nonstop PPT-ORY on the upcoming A350-2000XLR 😉

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Well… I can’t see the pictures

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Hmm, thought it was a bug on my part. I’ll fix it now, but in the meantime, go here. I’ll withdraw the link later.

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I never even heard of this story (from my knowledge) before! Really interesting and great to know. Thanks for sharing!

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Great and extremely interesting topic. I was wondering about those different names. It’s always nice to be informed about such things. Thank you!


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