Why Fiji Airways faced the risk of planes being blown away

Fiji Airways, arguably the Pacific’s best airline. It is headquartered in Nadi and normally that’s where all its planes are kept when not flying, unfortunately, a looming cyclone is causing major problems for the airline.

As Fiji Airways battles with the obvious virus situation they have been faced with another one, a tropical five cyclone with winds exceeding 200km/h heading right for its hub of Nadi. Now as you know cyclones cause damage, quite major damage and considering a category five cyclone is the highest catorgey of the cyclone it’s fair to say Fiji Airways was a bit screwed if it didn’t act quickly with a high risk of planes being damaged or even blown away in the cyclone.

The airline has various small aircraft belonging to subsidy Fiji Link while the main airline owns a mix B737’s, A350’s and A330’s. They made the decision to store all Fiji Link aircraft and two of their 737’s at their hanger at Nadi, which has been bolted shut. The rest of the aircraft are either operating rescue flights or have been flown to Brisbane or Sydney for temporary storage. It’s an extraordinary step in an extraordinary time with the airline also battling with the global pandemic at the same time. The aircraft stored in Australia will return to Fiji once the cyclone has passed

Fiji’s Nadi hanger looking quite cosy at the moment full image credit


Wow this is really interesting, living near a non hub airport means that the planes can just fly away when a hurricane comes.

Yeah, it’s definitely very tight in there! Thanks for sharing with us, it’s really interesting!

This is probably also the reason a planned Lufthansa repatriation flight to Nadu was cancelled. Really interesting, thanks for sharing!

Thanks for posting… Wouldn’t have known of this danger without you post

That looks like a dream to walk into! Imagine if you worked there and get to see that!

Wow, these planes are shoulder to shoulder!

Looks like a mall parking lot on black Friday…

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Lets hope the hanger can protect the planes from the looming storm outside. Fiji is a very promising airline and I wouldn’t want to see its island hopping fleet get wiped out.

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