Why expert server empty everytime ?

I want to fly with Atc’s, but ATCs in the expert server are usually empty. why ?

Due to varying time zones and controller availability, there are frequent times when there is limited or no ATC coverage. They will most likely come back soon!

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There are over 50 (I think) IFATCs and today is a business/school day, so I would expect something like this. Try flying later in the day. 👍🏻

From the pic, it looks like you’ve got two good options right now…

Edit: just checked… not two, but at least you’ve got one right now

IFATC operates on a system where we open featured airports, which you can view here. This means airports which can be flown between easily are opened. I would recommend flying between those two airports :)


There are much more than that o think😉

Anyway… IFATC are all volunteers and are IF users like you. They also have a life and unfortunately don’t always have time to control. We would all like to control more often trust me but we don’t necessarily have the time. So like mentioned for many today is a working/school day. Which means that it’s harder to find time. Also the time zone factor is really important. More or less now is the best time (a bit later) because in Europe we’re still awake and in America they’re also up for a little while now.


Thing is, today is ATC choice day.

That was yesterday. ATC choice is still in a set region which is coloured on the map, it just means there are not airports which have to be opened before others.


I’ve been on grade 3 a week ago, I’m constantly checking, but I’ve never seen more than two online ATCs. That’s why I asked.

The schedule has nothing to do with the amount of ATC. If people are free to control and want to control they will. There are times when there is no one and times when there are a ton of us. It fluctuates all the time but it has nothing to do with the schedule. Also the op here isn’t asking where to fly but just why there are so few active atc at a time…


Could just be a coincidence. As people mentioned, it’s to do with flight timing and other factors. There will always be significantly lower rates of ATC on the expert server, as it obviously requires a training process as @Nate_Schneller hinted at. You might consider yourself quite lucky to have two airports open even ;)

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Not necessarily lucky. There are so many times when it’s full of atc. Also keep in mind one airport doesn’t mean one person😉. At times like FNF you can have multiple on ground multiple on tower and multiple on approach just for one airport. The luck factor does slightly come into account as it’s possible someone closes the frequency just before you come. But you can’t say you’re lucky to find active ATC because there are often at least two open…
For example right now there are 3 so you see it’s not rare to have 2 or more it’s pretty common actually…


Thanks to everyone for the answers. I think I got the answer to my question :)


Yeah, only meant lucky because at least there are two open. Sometimes there are none open or only one airport. I meant it’s good to have the variety of multiple choices of airport, rather than something like FNF where only one airport is open for the whole day XD.