Why exactly does Gatwick only use the one runway

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So, I know Gatwick dossn’t use 26R/08L because of it’s close proximity to the other runway, 26L/08R. But, why did they build it like that? Was it human error or was it intentional? I know they have it as a backup in case,
I guess, something causes the other unway to close. Please can someone explain?

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Gatwick used to have one main runway, which allowed the airport to begin commercial operations in 1936. In 1979, they just “upgraded” a taxiway and turned that into a runway as well, so it can be used in case of emergencies when the other one is down or in maintenance.

It is used as a taxiway but the intent was to keep an extra runway around in case of emergencies. It was intentional from what I know, since it was just never meant to be a runway.


Ah, okay, thanks!

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It’s just a backup incase something goes wrong.


The runways are too close to be used simultaneously, that’s why only one can be used at a time.

That’s what I’m saying, the second runway was never supposed to be one that they use…


A lot of information and answers to your question can be can be found below. 🙂

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