Why economy class might look weird in the future

Economy class, it’s the premium option to being in the cargo hold, where the crazy Texans go. It’s not always pleasant, it’s not always comfortable but it’s what most of us fly to get to our destinations cheaply. The fact is unless you have points, loads of money or you’re not paying for your own ticket up the back is where we go. But what if it didn’t have to be so painful?

Much like many things that Italy are known for like pizza, pasta and coronavirus the country also has a booming design industry. One of their many design manufacturers, Aviointeriors has created a new economy class concept to make the economy class more business-like. The new design has featured the middle seat being backwards, facing the other two people in the row behind and privacy screens separating the seats. Now, this idea sounds great, more privacy in economy and less interaction or does it?

The list of problems start with the seating agreement, personally I’m used to sitting backwards on trains and in cabs but they aren’t moving at 800km/h through the sky. The whole concept of facing backwards is beyond me. There as also other problems, the window seat person needing the bathroom would have to awkwardly get out of the row, inflight meals would be awkward to hand out and evacuation procedures may be slower. In my opinion, it sounds like an awful idea, what do you think?

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Now that is a really neat idea. Not only does it increase your privacy, it eliminates many of the factors that make economy uncomfortable such as sharing an armrest.

That being said, there will probably be a sizable amount of unintended and awkward eye contact between people which may discourage some from enjoying these seats. The person in the middle may end up accidentally making eye contact with the people in the row they’re facing. I’m not so sure how comfortable I’d feel with that… kind of like I’m being watched.


What difference does it make? Aircraft only accelerate at a faster rate on the ground and that’s not even bad. Trains are worse because they’re constantly stopping.

I think this wouldn’t be bad for privacy and to stop things getting heated between passengers. Looks neat.

I could only see this being a safety issue, for example, people being uncomfortable when accelerating fast or getting whiplash in a crash.


I actually really like this idea. I think that it would make economy way more enjoyable than what it is like currently. These sort of look like mini business class seats…

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Its an interesting concept, but the costs involved with materials/manufacture wouldn’t suit the airline industry, especially following covid-19, where countless airline companies have been placed in extreme financial hardship. This seat design really only makes economy class more luxurious, something which would draw potential business/first customers from spending extra. At the end of the day, an airline is a business, usually operating on the thinnest of margins, so a product which makes the cheapest option more attractive for consumers is not of benefit to the company.

I for one have been in a situation where I had a long flight ahead of me and decided to upgrade to business class. If economy class had looked like this, I would most likely have reconsidered my decision. A scenario like this would be extremely unfavourable from an airlines perspective. They make their profits off their premium offerings, and significantly improving their cheapest option would only have a detrimental effect on their business.

I’m sorry but the orange seats. I’m out -Mark Cuban (shark tank)


I mean, it looks nice at first glance, but if you get into the nit-picky stuff, there are countless problems. Evacuation problems, in flight service, harder for the window seat person to exist, and most importantly, av-geeks in the middle seat can’t see the window because of the privacy screens! Not for me, I’m out.

It’s a neat concept. However, I personally can’t think how awkward it would be if your head was so close to your neighbours’ head practically looking at each other.

The other thing is, what about family’s? They won’t sit together…

That’s just the concept. When/if airlines order these seats for their aircraft, they’ll design them with their theme.

For example, this is the basic Super Diamond business class seat:

When airlines add their personal touches to it, they can create something like this:

Images by Rockwell Collins/Onemileatatime

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I’m with @Butter_Boi it looks good at first glance but there are many problems under the surface the would need to be adressed.

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Um, no thanks. Whenever I travel with my family we usually get split up because we never pre-select our seats and I always get the middle seat between random people. While this would eliminate facing the same way as the other people in my row, I don’t like the idea of having two other people stare at me for a 3hr glight.

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Improves privacy, allows more armrest space… I love it! The only problem I see is how in the world anybody but the people on the outside are going to see out the window. Other than that…Pure genius!

Well played…Well played.

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Middle seats would be a lot better that’s for sure, not having an armrest to fight over.

texans are not very crazy, we are very sane.


Yah, I know that. Just orange airplane seats.

That sounds like something a crazy Texan would say


Let’s not 😂

If you want these seats, save some money and pay for premium economy or first class. Just as simple as that.

At least for me, I like economy seats. They’re comfortable, and if you’re over the wing, it’s awesome to watch the wing do its thing. I’m a good six feet tall, flown on Delta, United, and Alaska on a wide variety of aircraft (738, 739, A319, 717, and Dash 8 Q400) all in economy, and each flight has been awesome.

The only seat I would only take if it was the last possible seat is the one next to the bathroom (still, I might just change flights). No good wing view, constant loud flushing, passengers making bathroom noises, etc. Absolutely not.

But have you flown on American Airlines’ Oasis economy class

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