Why don't we add a Poll Category to the website?

If we add this feature instead of us having to use general or another category we can just put in a poll category. By doing this it will look more appealing to view if it says poll next to it instead of general next to it and it if we add it it will be better for organizing since we would have them in seperate catogories and old polls can be viewed easier. If this feature is added we can have it as the current system. For poll testing purposes they would go in the test category and for polls itself they would go into the new poll category. Like this maybe more people can try out the poll system and the entire poll system will look nicer since it will be seperate from the clutter of the other categories :)


Agreed. We all know how well the RWA and Spotting categories turned out and those were formed by popular opinion (IIRC). Polls are mearly as popular and are always a discussion starter so why not try it out at least for a couple weeks to see how it goes


I like this idea!


could be great.


Great idea.


Just like his post then ;)


Let’s bring this topic feature back to life!!! I really want this added

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But it organizes the polls better. Polls are getting much mor popular now

Bringing this one back from the dead

Why don’t we create one ?

Living again !

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Its organizes the polls better like this