Why Don't Planes Travel Straight on some Flight Sims?

In IF, planes fly pretty straight as shown in the picture below.

However in FSX, the planes don’t fly too straight, specifically the 747

Does this mean anything aviation related, or is it just the differences between the flight simulators? Autopilot was used in both photos just to tell.


Maybe the 747 is ascending.

Jokes aside (though it seems to be ascending), here´s a better answer.


I was always wondering why some planes tend to level up the nose during cruise altitude like the 777, A320 family aswe as the 737NGs, but not all planes have this problem, some of them tend to pitch down the nose (the old model planes like the 717, 757, 767, A330 and A340…).


All aircraft have a nose up cruise

@JFKPlaneSpotter that’s not entirely true, the TBM 850 and the pc12 I fly both cruise a little nose down

Sorry, I meant commercial :) (717, 747, 777, A320, A340 and A380)

No worries. Just wanted to let you know. @JFKPlaneSpotter

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The pilot talked, we should respect him. All hail @Flying_Luc :)


Thanks but no praise needed. @buzzlightyear
Yes I am a pilot in real life but if you put that aside I am also a IF pilot just like you guys.


Don’t worry, just to making a little joke, I’m also looking forward to be a pilot, but I need something called Money :(

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And @JFKPlaneSpotter the A380 actually cruises a little nose down to. If you look at its wings, they are slightly facing up. That is because of its huge weight. So the A380’s cruise is nose down.


In the sim or IRL?

I disagree, try the A330 or 757 on IF. I notice a slight pitch at cruise in those two.

Because they’re old models.

What I noticed is that, both on IF and FSX, once you take a turn, say about 50%, the pitch also changes, So it might have to do with the weather as well.

I also wondered about this somewhile back

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The flying attitude of an aircraft is given by the AOA or angle of attack, which is characteristic of a given airspeed.
The AOA is the angle between the relative airflow and the wing chord.
This means that at lower speed and increased AOA the aircraft attitude is different with respect to the the high speed and reduced AOA attitude.
The attitude can be quite different between aircrafts and is depending on the physical angle of connection between the fuselage and the wing.
That is why an A330 at high speed has a nose down attitude and a B747 has a nose up attitude even though the AOA is almost identical for both of them at the same speed and le el flight. I hope this helped

Happy landings :)

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@Phoenix1 in real

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