Why don't other aircraft have AutoLand?

Personally I love landing manually. I just read that the Dash 8 won’t have Autoland because it doesn’t have it in real life… fair enough. but the A320 family aren’t the only plane that supports Auto Land… look at the B737 and the A330… I have also seen B747-4F land on AutoLand. Of course this game is for realism but there are a wide range of players. Some are not capable of doing manual landings so why penalise them… they are potential income for IF at the end of the day. In addition to this I stick the the fact that planes that haven’t had Autoland should never have it lets keep it realistic.

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Because they are old models…when IF updates them, they will have autoland…


is this confirmed?

Only aircraft that have them in real life will have them in the sim.


in the future?

I think 95% if they have them IRL…0.00000001% id they do not have them IRL.

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What do you mean?

because its currently not implemented.

They’ll all have APPR in the future.

there are indications that the Dash 8 won’t

If they don’t have it in real life, they aren’t applicable.

Exactly. --Hopes for Autoland to be on the Super D-- 😂

So, your saying, that the F-22 will have Autoland?!😱 [size=4]Noobs be happy[/size]


Does the F22 have auto land in real life…?

From what I understand the DEVs have said that when they upgrade the aircraft models then features will be included like lighting and auto land ( if fitted in the RWA).

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For the 747-8F auto land, if set up correctly it will land on its own (same applies for 747-400) so I would expect it to be implemented on these 2 aircraft