Why don't more airlines from the USA fly to the Mid East?

Why don’t more airlines like united Delta, or american fly to more destinations in the middle east ?

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The gulf carriers control the market


The Middle East 3 have flooded the American market with far more flights than there are demand - most of the passengers that these airlines take to America are connecting passengers from other nation.

American airlines can’t really compete given the disadvantages they have in terms of service (which can be debated, but more often than not the ME3 trumps the US3 in service quality), price and the lack of feed. So rather than throwing good money down the drain, they’ve decided to focus on more important routes & make money, as well as keeping America’s doors firmly closed for the ME3 in terms of unlimited flight operations.

In the midst of the Federal Aviation Administration banning U.S. airlines from flying over portions of the Middle East , specifically Iraq and Iran, after the Iran missile attack in Iraq.


All In all, the oil controls the land.

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Because the US3 were mad at Emirates, Etihad, and Qatar.

This was Delta’s announcement for ending Dubai service years ago:

Subsidized Gulf carrier competition forces Delta to cancel ATL-Dubai
Unlike Delta, the Gulf carriers don’t have to worry about being profitable or operating under the normal constraints of a free market, making fair competition impossible. Indeed, Delta’s Atlanta-Dubai route lost money for two years before we made the difficult decision to cancel the service.


However, it’s beginning to “recover”

American Airlines is currently exploring possibilities of launching flights to Doha.

Even today, Emirates expressed interest in partnering with one of the US3.


Also not many people actually visit the Middle East. The gulf airlines can connect you to Asia or the pacific but US airlines wouldn’t be able to do that.

I think it’s because the Middle East is very far from the USA. They would need more long range aircraft. Like American Airlines is starting a partnership with Qatar Airways that’s starting in a couple years. And American said that there’s a possibility to start routes to Doha soon.

Israel, Egypt,jorden<uae … these would be great markets.(maybe not UAE)

I think all American, United, and Delta all fly to Tel Aviv.

not american… at least not yet…

United has the strongest presence in Tel Aviv with flights to SFO, Newark, and Washington Dulles.

Delta has one New York JFK flight.

American was supposed to launch flights from Dallas to Tel Aviv this September but pushed it back to 2021.

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I flew to Tel Aviv on US Airways so I had just figured American kept the route

Nah American ended the Philadelphia to TLV flight a few years ago after claiming it lost them millions

American, United and Delta’s 777s, 787s, and A350s have more than enough range… the reason they don’t fly to the Gulf countries is because most of the demand is connecting traffic, and they (especially Delta) are in a huff over the ME3 getting government subsidies.


A few years ago United Airlines had a Washington Dulles to Kuwait City to Bahrain route on a 777. They ended it because “it wasn’t meeting their financial expectations”.

United also had a Washington to Dubai flight until 2016. Similar to Delta, they blamed it on the subsidized airlines:

Even though we successfully operated the IAD-DXB route for the past seven years, the entry of subsidized carriers such as Emirates Airline (EK) and Etihad Airways (EY) into the Washington, D.C., market has created an imbalance between supply and demand to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As they’ve added subsidized capacity, our IAD-DXB route has become less profitable.

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