Why don't military aircraft show up on flight trackers?

I’ve searched the forum and can’t find anything about this, and may be a dumb question: I’m watching the Super Bowl and I know the Thunderbirds are doing a flyover at the beginning. I check three different flight tracking softwares. None of them show them. Do military aircraft not show up? Is it based on planned departures and arrivals? Maybe I just don’t understand how this works. Any info or thoughts would be appreciated. I’m ready to learn from the ‘infinite’ amount of knowledge from the members of the forum! ( I know, bad joke)


Primary reason is for security purposes


They may not have their transponders on. It may be a purely VfR flight. Although I’m speaking out of my butt so don’t take it with a grain of salt


Not any of those, although their transponder may be off (which it usually is), it’s primarily for security reasons, not for a VFR, I’m sure the military doesn’t want you to see 4 C-17’s flying to wherever they need to be lol :)


Well they spend billions on developing stealth tech, If ISIS can see ya coming by just having a quick look on FR24 it kinda defeats the purpose haha


They have ADS-B blockers for that purpose.


I’ve seen an RAAF C-130 on flight radar 24 but was going to an air show

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