Why don't I get XP for ATC?


New user / first post here, so I hope I don’t break any rules. I recently purchased a subscription for Live and have mainly been doing ATC, preferably Approach. But honestly, I get really frustrated with the pilots on the Training Server. I’d say that 80% of these pilots don’t follow instructions or keep doing frustrating things (like, I am vectoring them for 5 minutes all the way to a nice intercept angle, and then they switch to the tower frequency without prior notice before I give them the clearance for the approach and to contact tower). After this frustrating experience I thought I’d go do some ATC on the expert server, until I noticed that a high level of XP is required (and a test, as I’ve read in other posts).

I understand this requirement and I am OK working my way up to the required XP level.

What I don’t understand: Why don’t I collect XP towards my Expert server qualification while doing ATC on the Training server? I am a real world pilot, so I have very little interest in flying as a pilot in IF – instead I enjoy being “on the other side” in my free time… but it seems there’s no way around collecting these 40’000 XP as a pilot if you want to work ATC with pilots who appreciate my effort (I am not even on 10k by now).



You need to join IFATC.

Check this out:


He is not asking why he can’t control on the expert server. Read the post again.

He is asking why can’t he earn xp for controlling in order to access the expert server so he can join IFATC.


XP isn’t earnt from controlling, operations are.


Because you can sit at some airport and be a completely horrible atc and get 10000xp in a week for no reason. At least when flying you are forced to do touch n goes or something to gain XP.


Thanks for your replies guys. I’m off to flying circuits, then…


I was in the same exact boat as you. I only got live to control because I can actually go fly if that’s what I wanted to do. It took me 3 days to get to 40,000 XP. Just dedicate a weekend to it and you’ll be set.

Welcome aboard to the world of IF! A far too additive way to spend your time! :-)

I agree that It is a shame that more people don’t listen to ATC on the TS, but there are pages on this forum that discuss that point, from both angles, over and over! One reason I don’t control too often!

Whilst it would be nice to have XP for controlling, I guess the reason the DEVs don’t is so that you have to build up some experience as a pilot so understand their constraints and issues before moving over To becoming an Advanced ATC.

In the meantime I would suggest controlling in one of the paid for regions ( as well as flying) as I find that in those you get both pilots and ATC who take things that little more serious and are trying to build up experience for the expert server.

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for your consideration ;-)


Very interesting read… I think I did the wrong things for collecting xp before

Hi!welcome,when you fly,you get XP,when you controll tou get OPS,but you can’t see until you become EXPERT IFATC,so if like controlling,as many tells you ,contact a scout and star your process to be IFATC,

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