Why Don't I Get Credit for Speaking in Pictograms Instead of Words?

Hello, fellow community members I am just asking why I haven’t been able to reicive the emoji bage when I have at least used about 10000000 emojis on mostly every post.

For example I have used the A’s emojis in this reply :

And it states here that I don’t have the bage:


Hello, please leave #support for Infinite Flight issues only, this would go in #meta as this has to do with the workings of the forum, I changed it for you :).
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The emoji badge is not possible to gain. It was removed ages ago now.


I think worrying about badges is silly.

IFC isn’t about grinding for badges to look good or so.

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Oh okay. So idk why they still have it then.

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It’s on there but it’s disabled, some people have it from before it was but now you can’t get it.

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Okay then…

New Question: Was it reopened at one point? As some people got it about 2 months ago @Chatta290

Hummm… I am not sure about that. 🤔 However I think they should at least take the bage down of the don’t allow us to get it.

I believe it was in that case