Why don't airports have spotting centers?

Hello everyone! Recently i was spotting metro detroit airport (IATA DTW ICAO KDTW) and i was standing obn top of the Macnamara terminal parking garage. It was a pleasent day for spotting. But i thought why cant there be official spotting locations like Grand rapids Gerald R Ford airport (check out my cruddy quality vid below :D ) should there be better places to do spotting other then a parking garage? Let me know in the comments below

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  • the parking garage is fine
  • why not build more spotting centers

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They don’t generate income.


£5 per spotter ;)

Yeah i agree

It’d take forever to pay off a suitable spotter centre at that rate.

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the one at KGRR is non profit whoever donates makes it bigger

Anyone else see the smoke trail on that Mad Dog? :D

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yeah true, depends on the amount of people and how big they go when building one

Mad dog???

Mad Dog…


Ahh my bad never heard of that one before

Never really understood plane spotting. If you enjoy aviation, go get your ppl, or take a single lesson. Why sit at the end of a runway photographing planes

I could just fly on planes instead.

A one way ticket

I believe Hamburg has a spotting center.


I suppose one could buy one of those incredibly cheap tickets to get past security.

Booking in advance with either Ryanair or EasyJet and you can get quite a deal.