Why don't airlines that are based in the U.S. operate A380s?

No he said that they don’t have Boeing because ether middle east hates America.

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The A380 costs a bit you know so US airlines can’t afford to get it. Unlike the Emirates, Etihad, or Qatar. They have lots of money so they were able to buy the A380. But before US airlines had the 747.

Airlines in the US follow the point to point business model and as such the A380 and 747 would be unlikely to feature in US carriers’ fleet.

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Ok guys, get back on topic if you want to insult Airbus, go here.

I found an article with an interview with the CFO of United why A380s “don’t work for them”

"Instead of "one flight a day and fill up an A380, we’d rather serve [a market] with a couple widebodies if the demand was there, because business passengers certainly like that,” Rainey told Flightglobal.

According to Rainey, high frequency is the name of the game for important moneymaking routes, such as New York to London."

In summary, United would rather fly smaller and more frequent aircraft then less frequent large aircraft to provide more time options. I don’t know about other US airlines.

Oh… my… goodness the Google experts are giving me a headache.

Let’s clear a few things up as a U.S. Pilot working for an airline:

  1. It’s not quality of quantity it’s economy of scale. Airbus offers a cheap product (no offense) hence why a lot of carriers all over the world buy them!

  2. U.S. carriers are deregulated thus companies are not backed by the government unlike ALL the middle eastern carriers and third world countries.

  3. Midle Eastern Carriers don’t hate Americans they Envy the U.S. hence why Dubai and Abu Dhabi look the way they do. (American STYLE of living in the desert).

  4. If the U.S. hadn’t fought in 3 Wars over in the middle east the ME3 wouldn’t exist it would still be desert!

  5. The A380 doesn’t fit the growth plans of any US airlIne. Americans aren’t skinny so trying to pack a lot of peop l email on like Singapore or Korean wouldn’t work. American carriers aren’t so prideful that they’re going to put luxury suites on a passenger Aircraft, there’s charter operations for that type of flying.

  6. U.S. airlines are about profitability! What makes the most money while maintaining the highest degree of safety and best level of customer service for the route flown. The US government unlike the Emirati countries is not handing out millions of dollars to its domestic airlines to keep them viable. We expect the company’s that choose to be in this industry to be profitable on their own two feet, otherwise they fail.

  7. Last, you guys are looking at 90 year old airlines in the U.S.A. the middle east oldest airline has been around since 94 they ate still new to the game. I’ve flown on Qatar, Etihad, and Emirates back to the U.S. multiple times and never was it a full flight! How they make money besides government assistance blows my mind.

Unless you have Facts please don’t answer this


I don’t have any facts but Emirates seem to be making record profits so surely they aren’t only making money due to government assistance

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Once again facts…

Better question, could they survive without it!

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Here I’ll let you read the 36 billion in subsidies the beloved gulf carriers have received.

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I agree this could very well be true however American carriers complain about this yet they don’t bother to do anything else like redesign the interiors of their planes or Imporve service as these Gulf Carriers are still far better regardless of subsidies.

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Because they don’t need a380’s they’ll buy them if they wanted it, same as jet blue they don’t need 737’s they’ll also but it if they needed it.

I think 777 works well for them and it provides them with their needs A380 also provides Emirates with their needs I really think it depends on the Airline and what they’re doing.

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Well Airbus is based in Europe and assembled in France… Airline companies near by such as Air France, Lufthansa, Air Austria also airlines in Asia such as Emirates, Ethiad, Qatar, Thai, Singapore, and Malaysia. If I’m not mistaking I believe the A380 substitute in the US is the Boeing 747.


I found a Delta A380:


That’s photoshopped.


It still looks pretty realistic though.


For a second, I thought it was real, never mind

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Tell me this isn’t the most sexy plane ever.


That’s cus that’s the paint scheme of a 747. It looks wrong on an a380